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Do you work on _______________?

Most likely yes.  If not, we can probably find someone qualified who can.

Are you hiring?

If you are a Conservator, who has a specific skill along with a degree from a Master’s Program in the United States, please let us know and we may be able to team up on a project at some point.  While we do not have a full time staff, we do use Art Handlers,  Fabricators, Preparators, Registrars, Framers, Mount Makers, and Artists in addition to our network of conservation and museum professionals for jobs as needed.


Regretably we do not take on Interns.   A conservation internship should be primarily about education and developing your skill set.  We just do not have the ability to give you the attention you need to grow as a conservator based on our work load.  Conservation Internships should be performed at Museums who have a staff of conservators with a variety of skills to learn from.



How much will it cost?

Our base fee is $250, which covers all official documentation of the work/research performed.   Every case is different, but depending on the type of damage, cost of supplies and time it takes for treatment, the conservator will give you an estimate with a range of costs.  If these costs should change, you will be notified prior to work being performed. 

All work is performed by a Professional Conservator who has completed training at one of the 3 recognized Master’s Degree Programs in the country, which includes logging hours at some of the Country’s best museums.  The skill level is of the highest quality with documentation supplied by a recognized professional.


How long will it take?

Fixing art is much different from fixing a leak, replacing a car part, or open heart surgery.  Every piece is a different, and testing additional research are done to better understand the exact nature of the problem and how best to address fixing it.  We have a 3 month window as a basis for *most* work performed.  While we strive to complete work on a timely basis, sometimes due to unforeseen problems work may take longer.  If the timeframe should vary, you will be notified.


Rush jobs, or moving your work ahead in the queue, may or may not be possible.  A 20% Rush Fee will be added if work is deemed rush-able, and needs to be completed within a certain window of time. 

Some Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do apprasials?

No.  It is against the Code of Ethics for Conservators to offer appraisals of items.  We recommend finding an appraiser in your area who is specialized in this area.

My piece is not worth much money.  Why should I pay for conservation?


As Conservators we are trained to see all objects of equal worth. One (wo)man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure. We do not discriminate on value in what we treat or the way we treat it. However despite whatever you piece is worth monetarily, it really comes down to what it is worth to you the owner.


Why is it so hard to get you on the phone?


Art Conservation requires using our hands to repair fragile and valuable things.  Additionally we work on site a lot away from the studio and are often driving to and from jobs.  We are a small scale operation (usually of just 1) and like to keep costs affordable to you the customer.  As such, we do not have an office manager to answer calls in real time.  However if we miss your call we will respond either by email or phone depending on the accessibility.






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